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Hebrew Rastaman Introduction to the Book of Names 1.1 #Exodus #JahDisciple


The Book of Names (Exodus: Out of Egypt) picks up where the previous Book of the Beginning left off (Genesis). The 3 Called, Chosen and Faithful Fathers of the Holy Covenant (Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) along with the 12 Elect Patriarchs of Israel had been laid to rest for a few hundred years. Up until the Egyptian regime transition, the previous Israelite families were prolific and had prospered in the foreign land for a time. Now, the New (Egyptian) President “who knew not Joseph” would usher in a period of extreme hardship for the Israelites.

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Covertly, the new Egyptian federal government (Pharoah : Aa Perti the White House) and upper echelon were well aware of the great impact that the Israelites and their Hebrew Co-religionists had contributed to the socio-economic fabric of Egyptian civilization. However, during the transition period, the acknowledgement of Israelite and Hebrew contributions were taken for granted and exploited by the Egyptians.


In addition, The Egyptian federal government was not ignorant that a time would come when the Israelites would seek to return to their ancestral land of Canaan which God had promised to the Patriarchs. A mass repatriation of Israelites and Hebrews would carry disastrous implications for the Egyptian system which it would be unable to sustain. Thus, in their frenzy, Egyptian homeland security had also assessed a potential threat summarizing that the Israelites could potentially form an alliance with Egypt’s foes in order to depart. As a result, the Egyptian government began implementing extremely cunning and cruel policies in attempts to target and stifle progress within the Israelite community. The present Israelite generation now find themselves up against very daunting odds. Yet, the prophetic time of departure from Egypt and repatriation to the land promised was surely at hand. God being true to His Word would surely bring the Israelites out by a great deliverance.



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