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Pagume Aend “1” ጳጉሜ ፩ 2007/7507 “Sept 6th 2014” Prayer and Fasting for The Peace of Etiyopiya

Joel 2:13 And rend your heart, and not your garments, and turn unto the LORD your God: for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness, and repenteth him of the evil.

Pagume is the thirteenth month of the Ethiopic Solar-Calendar. Each of the other twelve months consists of 30 days while Pagume consists of 5 days (6 on leap years). Ethiopia the Kingdom of GOD (with the blessing of the “Keeper of Axum” N’bure-Id Ermias Kebede Wolde-Yesus ንቡረ እድ ኤርምያስ ከበደ ወልደ ኢየሱስ) has proclaimed that Pagume And (1) ጳጉሚ ፩ [2007 Ethiopic Year short count/7507 long count/”September 6th 2014″] to be Yenisehana YeSelam LeEtiyopiya Tsome Megibeya የንስሓና የሰላም ለኢትዮጵያ ጾመ መግቢያ “the entry into a period of prayer and fasting for the Peace of Ethiopia”, preceding the upcoming Ethiopian New Year, Meskerem 1 መስከረም ፩ “September 11th 2014”. To announce this observance Ethiopia Kingdom of GOD Services had published the following Salutations.

(from Ethiopia Kingdom of GOD Services)
Fast of Pagume:
What does it mean “To Pray and Fast for the Peace of Ethiopia!”
“To Pray and Fast for the Peace of Ethiopia!” means, to Prioritize the Transformation of Oneself back to the True Ethiopianness of the Holy Covenant through REPENTANCE.
Now, it has become a recognized fact that the call made by the web site “ሰ ላ ም ለ ኢት ዮ ጵ ያ !” or “Peace For Ethiopia” to designate a Period of Fasting and Prayer before the end of the Ethiopian year, for the peace and well-being of
the world in general, but more importantly for Ethiopia in particular, has been widely accepted and implemented by all Ethiopians of The Holy Covenant at home and abroad, as well as by all those true and concerned friends of Ethiopia world wide. The special message of the website also appealed so that each one of us, Ethiopians, and friends of Ethiopia, commit ourselves, wherever we are, to the universal fulfillment of the present call launched in compliance with the Living Word of the Prophecy which reads, “Ethiopia Stretches out Her Hands to God”.

It is recalled that, Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God Services, upon the request of Peace for Ethiopia web site, proposed the thirteenth Ethiopian month of Pagume to be the appropriate and justifiable date set for this Prayer and
Fasting; and the latter had consented and committed itself to execute this proposition based on the legitimate reasons summarized below:-
1st. As the proposition requires ecclesiastical authority and responsibility as well as proper conduct of implementation, Ethiopia: The Kingdom of God Services represented by N’bure-Id Ermias Kebede Wolde-Yesus, consented to sanction the whole arrangement.
2nd. The designated date of the Prayer and Fasting was made to coincide with Pagume, “the 13th and closing month of the Ethiopian year”, at which time the Ethiopians of the Holy Covenant confine themselves, annually, in prayer and fasting, in accordance with their age-old tradition: the tradition that reminds them to receive the New Year, not only in renewed inspiration of the soul, cleansing of the flesh and revival of the spirit, signified by the ritual of scrubbing the household and utensils, laundering of clothing and washing of the body with holy water, but also in the purification of the whole human innermost person through repentance and partaking of the Holy Communion.
3rd. This year, the date appointed for this Fasting and Prayer falls on the last days of the 5th year, and on the Eve of the 6th year of the Great Celebration of the seventh and half millenniums (7500 years) Anniversary of
Ethiopia’s independent existence as the Kingdom of God on earth under the Priestly Kingship of Jesus Christ and Maternal Queenship of the Virgin Mary. Such unbroken existence of sovereignty affirms unequivocally the conviction that Ethiopia, along with Her children, Ethiopians, remain at all times, as in the past and in the present, so also in the future, within the Divine Realm of everlasting life. As such, She never ceased to be led and administered,
Her children chastised whenever they transgressed, as is evident in the current ordeal they are implicated, and reinstated whenever they repented, by the Divine Justice, both the Holy Mother Country and Her Children enjoying, of course, the constant protection of the Holy Covenant.

Restore The True Image and Likeness of Qidist Dingl Mariam and Eyesus Kristos. We do not want The Image and Likeness of The Beasts Queen Lucrezia and Caesar Borgias.

Hence, as stated in the headline above, the definition “to pray and fast for the Peace of Ethiopia means ‘to transform initially oneself back to the True Ethiopianness of the Holy Covenant through REPENTANCE'” is summarized in the following words.
This implies the positive attainment of the perfect and supreme way of
life, physically, mentally (of the Soul) and spiritually, not only in the forthcoming everlasting world, but also right now and right here in the present world. Such a life of ideal nature is achieved only through the faithful adherence and proper observance of the creed and worship, translated into good precepts and deeds of the Ethiopianness of the Holy Covenant. The stark reality that in the beginning of time of the genesis, The Almighty God, bestowed “The Divine Peace” inherently upon Adam and Eve which the latter, of their own desire and free will, choice and decision, discarded outrightly despite the premonition of their Creator, only to be redeemed at the end of time when God the Son became Incarnate in Womb of the Virgin Mary, and sacrificed Himself for the Atonement of His Creation, galvanizes the assertion of the foregoing notion. Thus, God, in His Benevolence, rendered the original “Divine Peace”, already two thousands and three years ago and ever since, to be reinstated in the human body individually as well as in the midst of society of humans collectively, as long as the latter truely seek for it and remain faithful to The HOLY COVENANT.
Finally, the aforementioned reality that asserts the endowment of “The Divine Peace” upon each one of us individually, and in the midst of our fellowship collectively who remain worthy of this Divine Grace, the questions
as to why we definitely need to undertake this Prayer and Fasting within the specified time, how we ought to carry it out, together with the conduct of its implementation, and what would be the outcome of its proper execution on our
part, are all dealt with in the documents attached herein.

We, as RasTafari, say Awo and Amen! We also pray for the Restoration of The Davidic Monarchy to The Glory of Qedamawi Haile Sellassie beEyesus Kristos Sim, for it is The Divine Government on earth! Yihun! Yihun!
Being that we are also observing our Divine Hebrew Heritage of Teshuwbah Hodesh Elul in Repentance, Prayer and Fasting (preceding Yowm Kipur “Day of AtONEment”) it would be wise to be mindful of The Teaching of His Majesty concerning gradual progress (qes beqes ቀስ በቀስ) “little by little” and moderation. Physical fasting is indeed beneficial for the discipline, development and sustainability of one aspect of our Triune being (Spirit, Soul, Body). Nonetheless, physical fasting unless guided by spiritual focus will provide little discipline, development and sustainability to our soul (Thoughts, Feelings, Desires, Emotions and Will/UPRIGHT 5 point star when lead by the Holy Spirit otherwise inverted). We pray that the pdf linked tract provided, published by Ras Iadonis Tafari of The Lion of Judah Ministry of H.I.M./Mequteria መቁጠረያ “Accounting” will assist ones in becoming familiar and applying the discipline of Spiritual Focus.

MeQuteria pdfMeQuTeria_3fld_2004


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