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Have Revolutionaries Become more like Reactionaries?! #Rastafari #Torah Musings


Have revolutionaries become more like reactionaries?! As a Torah observant Rastafari (observant: [adj] definition  having high regard for JAH’s instruction) the quoted scripture (Leviticus 19:14) often comes to mind per-view of the sea of social media madness before us. This scripture, given to JAH Israel and fellow citizens, is in it’s first sense a prohibition against misleading another person through speech. It is also applicable as a “rule of thumb” in as many instances as will wisdom allow i.e. Economically; it regulates price gouging within a community, county, state, nation. Judicially; it censors presenting false evidence in a court of law….so on and so forth. Reading Comprehension is good and Knowledge is better…add Discernment and we’re cooking! Whatever number plays, without this principle any society is working with a recipe for disaster.


So, as we’re also responsible for disseminating seeds of thought (second sense), could this principle apply to freedom of speech. Yay!.. Moreover responsibility of speech?! Let us remember the present state of human consciousness needs stability. Charity begins at home and spreads abroad. Are we equipped to navigate through the darkness of politically motivated half-truth headlines perpetuated via sensationalist sorcery?! Well, Moses did part the Sea of Reads for a reason. Feel free to enjoy this insightful publication from out friends Hebrew4Christians | Clear Thinking: https://www.hebrew4christians.com/Clear_Thinking/clear_thinking.html

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His Majesty QHS, addressing  the infiltration of foreign Islamo-fascist (not muslim) political propaganda into Imperial Ethiopia during the 1960’s (see Selected Speeches of Haile Selassie I vol I pg 467 >Context in it’s first use). Yet, the principle remains true on a full spectrum.



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