Rastafari Talmud

Biblical Reasonings based on The Teaching of Qedamawi Haile Sellassie

Rastafari Midrashim Selected Essays Vol I 399 Year Count North Country Ethio-Hebrew Prophetic History 2019; 5779 H.C./7509 H.C. Free #BlackJews #BetaIsrael

Rastafari Midrashim Selected Essays Volume I

Rastafari Apocryphal Literature: published in the 399th year of the 400 year Capitivity Count pertaining to the Black Sheep of the House of Israel. Presented from an Ethiopian Hebrew Perspective; Setting forth Historical Prophecy through Biblical Revelation for those whom are ready to receive the Truth.

Composed in the Literary Tradition of Judaic Midrashim to factually present prophetic events for the reader to consider while re-introducing Hebraic and Ethiopic nuances within the Holy Scriptures that many may have been previously unaquainted with. As the Truth once crushed to the ground inevitably rises again; the Ethio-Hebrew Divine Heritage continues to blossom.

Synopsis of the Ethiopian-Hebrew Israelite Movement; Good, Bad and Ugly. Traversing the recent history of Black Jews from the Coronation of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I; Free PDF Link: RastafariMidrashimSEVolI_Ras_Iyason_Tafari_LuluPrint

Haile Selassie I Coronation

encompassing the UNIA;

U.N.I.A. Commandment Keepers Congregation Haile Selassie Marcus Garvey

Commandment Keepers Congregation of Harlem;

Commandment Keepers Congregation Harlem

Ethiopian World Federation;


Melaku E Bayen;

Malaku Emmanuel Bayen

African Union;

Haile Selassie I Organization of African Unity O.A.U.

Malcolm X;

Malcom X Haile Selassie Ethiopia Organization of African Unity

Martin Luther King Jr;

Martin Luther King Jews Haile Selassie I

Reggae Music;

Bob Marley

and Ethiopian Orthodox;

Haile Selassie I Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo

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