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Rastafari Hosanna, Passion Week 2018

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This year, according to the Ethiopia Kingdom of God Calendar, Hosanna is observed on Meggabit 23 2010/7510 Ethiopic Count which would correspond to April 1st 2018.

Ethiopian Calendar 2010 Amete Mhret Website Edition pdf

Hosa’ana :: Prophet Daniel

The observation of Hosanna marks Our Lord Jesus Christ’s (Yeshua The Messiah) entry into Jerusalem amidst the joyful shouts of the multitude and the dismay of the Pharisees or “Religious Authorities” from such and such a time. (see Exodus 6:6-8, Isaiah 10:1-3) The account leading up to The Lords entry and some of the events of Passion Week is to be found in The Gospel of: Matthew 21: 1-17, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-48, John 12:12-19 (KJV).

Passion Week (April 2 2018)

Ethiopian Calendar 2010 Amete Mhret Website Edition pdf

Entrance Week of Passion:: Empress Zewditu Menelik

The exact chronology of Passion Week events deserve further study. However, in the above mentioned scriptures it is noted that Jesus curses a fig tree that bore no fruit which The Lord would use as an object lesson regarding faith. Apostle Paul further expounds on the symbolism as pertaining to the redemption and regathering of Israel. (see I Corinthians 15:8 compare Ezekiel 20:40, Jeremiah 23:3-8)

In the Gospel according to Luke (see also Matthew 23:37-39), The Lord Weeps for Jerusalem and a prophecy is spoken that would manifest with the 70 A.D. Destruction of Jerusalem known as T’isha B’Av. The ensuing exile of the Black Jews would follow. The prophecy hearkens to Micah 3. Nonetheless, in this time, Tisha B’Av occurs in the summer and is the last day of the three weeks of sorrow. The observance is followed by Tu B’Av, a celebration of Harvest and Love. From a Judaic perspective, the summer observances mark the prophetic return of Christ The King/ Messiah Son of David. (see Isaiah 9:7, Daniel 2:44-45, Isaiah 56:7-8, Zechariah 8:20-23, Malachi 3:2, Ethiopic Enoch chptr 62-63)

It should be noted, during the sequence of events, Jesus proceeds to Cast Out those conducting commercial transactions inside Herod’s Temple. Within context, the sale of holy service offerings served as a device akin to Vatican indulgences.

Full of compassion, Jesus also heals the blind and lame who come to him. There are many resonances that with study and meditation could be clearly discerned as to the two advents of Christ in the person of Jesus and H.I.M. Haile Selassie I.

Hoshana (2)

Additional Notes

Hosanna (Greek ὡσαννά, hōsanná) is derived from the Hebrew word (הושיעה־נא) hôšîʿâ-nā meaning “Save; We beseech thee”. In the Hebrew Bible, the Word is found in Psalm 118:25. It’s contracted form Hoshana (הוֹשַׁעְנָא) appears in the Name Hoshana Rabbah; which is properly the Seventh Day of Tabernacles or Sukkot/Feast of Ingathering. From a Judiac perspective, Sukkot commences the establishment of God’s Millennial Kingdom. (see Ezekiel 37:21-28) The template is contained in section ii second similitude of Ethiopic Enoch. During Sukkot, the Book of Ruth containing the allegory of the Kinsmen Redeemer is traditionally read.

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