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The Israelites Never Became Jews!

Draft Essay by H.H. Ras Iadonis Tafari, aka Rabbi Yadon


The Israelites never became “Jews.” The truth is that the biblical “Hebrews” became “Israelites” and in later times were led by the Afro-Semitic, or “Black” i.e. African, descendants of the “Tribe of Judah,” the tribe of the kings and the tribe of the rejected Messiah Himself. The Children of the patriarch Israel never became “Jews” as Simon Schama, a historian whom this author had a relatively high regard for, as a storyteller – that is, would desperately have you to believe, and sincerely, yet tribally believes himself. While the Europeans who call themselves and re-identify as “jew” may seemingly struggle to be, those original and indigenous “Judeans” (Blacks) have forgotten in vain who they were, are and how they became. It is like a collective amnesia or perhaps more biblically-speaking, the consequence for…

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