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We’ll Be Posting Here Soon!!!

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Shalom Rastafari! We’ll Be Posting Here Soon!!!  rastafarigroundation.wordpress.com

An African Jesus Christ’s triumphal entry into Jerusalem riding on a donkey to the enthusiasm of the crowdsAs many of thee i’s know, we’ve been offline… or, at least our webcasting at the YouTube’s Channel (name): RasTafariSabbathical has not had any new videos uploaded since January 2014… This interruption was due to several factors, most that are currently in resolution and remedy. We hope and expect to be again broadcasting with you, and to you very soon!

Now as I man have advised and encouraged some of you whom I had the opportunity to reason with and fellowship more directly, it is a must for us to receive the word of Selassie I Christ within the innermost of ini inner being, allow His Light and Love to shine within us cleasing us from all “sin” (folly and f*ckery) and to know that He has called us, and in answer to His call He has forgiven because of Isses I…

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